October 4th, 2018
Telefónica Auditorium, Distrito T


Science and Technology in the LUCA Innovation Day event.

Thanks for joining us at LUCA Innovation Day 2018

Ever since LUCA was born as the Telefónica Data Unit, some things have changed. Luckily, we work in an agile and dynamic environment, where innovation sets the pace for all processes. At Telefónica we are clear that transformation means adaptation: it is important to ride each technological wave to build the foundations of the next. Because of this, and based on our own example, we now know that it is not possible to implement Artificial Intelligence efficiently in a business, without having taken the previous steps in Big Data technologies.

This is the evolution that LUCA has undergone, which has shown significant development in the last year. Therefore, the reality of LUCA is the reality of a booming technology, and we want to share it with you so you know first-hand how our solutions have evolved, and how we can help you on the road to intelligent decision making. We look forward to seeing you on the afternoon of October 4th at the Distrito Telefónica Auditorium in Madrid, at our event "Science without fiction", where we will show you how all the advances in science and technology have created a better present for us than the future we could have imagined.

About "Science without fiction"

When the science of the future is represented in the collective imagination, elements that are very distant from the reality that we live in come into play. However, technology has evolved at an accelerated pace in recent times and has allowed us to create a present where science simplifies processes, optimizes results and helps us solve social and business problems in ways that we could not have imagined a few years ago.

Precisely, Artificial Intelligence, which has appeared in numerous cultural documents over the last decades in literature, cinema or advertising, has been introduced into our daily lives in ways that are becoming increasingly natural and effective. Do you remember those futuristic cinema cities, filled with the chaos of thousands of vehicles circulating at the same time, whilst a dark atmosphere envelopes everything? Instead, today we have solutions for public and private organizations to reinforce infrastructures and design efficient routes, forecasts on air quality to activate protocols in the most optimal way or series of analyses that allow the understanding of travelers and the control of flows.

Through our event "Science without fiction", we want to highlight how Big Data and AI are already a reality applicable in any business thanks to the multisectoral solutions and the roadmap of LUCA. In addition, we will also delve into the contrast between what we imagined the future would be and what we have really achieved thanks to science and the good human decisions based on it.

What we intend is that the adaptation that Telefónica is experiencing will be experienced by our customers as well, whilst trying to demonstrate in real time that today this is a possibility.


Chema Alonso Chema Alonso
CDO - Telefónica
Elena Gil Elena Gil
CEO LUCA - Telefónica
Adrián García Nevado Adrián García Nevado
Director of Major Clients and the Central Region - Telefónica España
Julia Llanos Julia Llanos
Data Science Manager - Telefónica
Alejandro Valladares Alejandro Valladares
Discipline Head Advanced Analytics - BBVA
Juan José Casado Quintero Juan José Casado Quintero
Data & Analytics Director - Repsol
David del Val Latorre David del Val Latorre
CEO - Telefónica Research and Development
Carlos Martínez Miguel Carlos Martínez Miguel
Global Director for Big Data Go-to-Market - Telefónica

About LUCA

LUCA is the Data Unit of Telefónica that is integrated into the Chief Data Office, a unit led by Chema Alonso. The mission of LUCA is to guide companies, both in the public sector and private sector, in their digital transformation towards becoming data-driven organizations, allowing intelligent decision-making and based on Telefónica's own experience. The broad portfolio of services includes Big Data Strategy, Data Architecture, Artificial Intelligence, Data Engineering, Analytics or Visualization and acts on various sectors, including retail, tourism, advertising, financial services or transportation, throughout several countries.